Message from the President

Bragança is culture. Bragança is tradition.

What a great example of good cooperation in the culture and tradition field was the project "Pre-Christian Traditions-Masquerades", three countries joined around a tradition through the work done by the Municipality of Bragança, the Patronato of Tourism of the Province of Zamora (Spain) and the Comunità Montana della Carnia (Italy).

Bragança is known for its landscape, its people know as anyone how to welcome visitors, for its heritage and monuments of unsurpassed beauty, its history. But it is also known for its unique and secular traditions that persist through the years and generations.

During the Carnival of Caretos and Biennial Mask - Mascararte, the colours of the clothes of Caretos and the feast give life to the streets of the city of Bragança .

In the rural areas, the traditions linked to the winter festivities have being maintained until today, assuming a great relevance in preserving the culture and the identity of the transmontanos habitants.

Held between Christmas and New Year they have a strong connection, not only with the winter solstice, as well as with the agriculture, which has been for a long time the main livelihood of the rural towns of Bragança.

The masks’ tradition, which has been revitalized and empowered by the Municipality of Bragança, is nothing else than a pretext for a longer visit to the region. I ask, therefore, to visit Bragança for at least two or three days. Enjoy the good transmontana food, inspire yourself with the invigorating smells that the green provides, surrender to the charms of nature, let yourself be carried away by the rich history and heritage of a county that is unique. Your visit will be unforgettable.

The President of the Municipality of Bragança

Hernâni Dinis Venâncio Dias